Why Nymphomax May Not Be The Right Answer

There are thousands of women who suffer from different stages and types of frigidity and there could be many reasons for the same. It could be because of some drugs which they are using. There are millions of women who tend to lose interest in sex as they near their menopause age. Further, stress, tension at the workplace and also some illnesses could also lead to a general loss of interest in sexual matters. Today’s relationship between man and woman hinges quite a bit on sex and therefore it is important for them to find out ways and means by which interest on sex is maintained at all points of time.

About Nymphomax

We are specialists in handling different types of sexual problems in women and we therefore come across many types of products. Today, we will be having a closer look at Nymphomax which we believe is quite popular amongst many women who suffer from frigidity of different kinds and grades. Is it really a product that is worth the hype that surrounds it? We are not quite sure whether the product is worth the big praise which we often come across.

This product is being sold in the market place as a libido enhancer for women who complain about lack of interest in sex due to a host of reasons. To understand more about the product it is important to know more about the composition. This is important because as qualified team of doctors and researchers, product composition needs to be understood more than anything else.

The Product Composition

There are quite a few substances which make up Nymphomax and therefore it would not be possible to talk about each and every one of them. However, the main components are bark extract from Catuaba tree, Root extract of Muria Puama, Siberian Ginseng, Saw Paletto, extract of Gingko biloba, peppermint leaf extract and damiana leaf extract. We have found from our research that none of them have some magical properties when it comes to improving sexual function. Only two products namely Siberian Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba could have some small impact on improving blood flow to the sex organs. But we have found out from out various pharmaceutic findings that the impact is minimal and it is doubtful whether it could really play a big role in enhancing the sex needs of the women concerned. Hence it would not be right to call them sex enhancer in the true sense of the term.

Who Can This Product Be Recommended & How Effective It Is

As mentioned above, this so-called libido enhancer is being sold as a product which can be used as a supplement for all those women who are looking at ways and means to increase the flow of blood to the area where it is needed the most. Further we believe that the product could also be used as a mood enhancer and could perhaps give temporary relief as a mood stimulant. But we are not very sure as to how effective will it be in treating libido or female sexual dysfunction. It also is being sold as a product that increases sexual urge.

Talking about its effectiveness, we are not very upbeat about it. Yes, it might be helpful in handling minor cases of lack of sexual urge, but we are not convinced about its ability to be a permanent answer to frigidity that is chronic in nature. That would call for a much more detailed investigation and would require identifying the root cause. In most cases, as experts, we believe that it is more psychological than biological and therefore it needs to be addressed that way.

The Benefits

According to us, based on our research and findings, the benefits are more symptomatic and cosmetic in nature than anything else. We share a few of them for the benefit of our readers. The various components such as Gingko Biloba, and Siberian Ginseng are known as effective stimulants. But beyond that, we have no studies to prove that there are any other major components which could help in improving blood flow to the sexual organs of women as they are needed. There could be some minor increase in libido but that could be brought about by careful and well thought out foreplay than anything else.

The Neutral And Negative Impact

We are surprised that the manufacturers of this so called libido enhancer claim to have no big side effects. We believe that there are some obvious side effects and most of the compositions and substances are known to increase blood pressure. Without increased blood pressure heart will not be able to pump more blood to the reproductive and sexual organs. Hence we find that women with enhanced blood pressure could have higher risks of cardiovascular problems. Even they could suffer from a higher risk of stroke. Further pregnant women would be always advised to stay away from this drug.

Since this libido enhancer has to be taken on a continuous basis, we have research studies to prove that it may not be suitable from the long term perspective. It could put unwanted strain on the cardiovascular system and could also impact the functioning of the renal system. Further it could also become habit forming and even normal women with normal sexual urges often find themselves reaching a state of frigidity when they are regular users of Nymphomax. It could be at best be used for some limited period of time but again the benefits, according to us might be too little compared to the risks involved.


After carefully weighing the pros, cons and also taking into account the various substances that make up this product, we have a few observations to make. We are not too convinced about the efficacy of the product in convincingly and totally finding a solution to frigidity in women. It at best could offer symptomatic and temporary relief and is more a mood enhancer than anything else. Yes, it might have certain substances which might increase blood flow. But the price the users will be paying might be much more when compared to the benefits that they will get out of it. Further we also believe that it is quite expensive and when used on a regular basis it could be a big drain on the pockets.

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