Tested Products

At RANBAXY we have invested significantly in acquiring the state of the art testing equipment. This plays an important role in ensuring that all the results we get from the tests are totally accurate. We also use the latest methods which have been approved and also confirmed to be effective. This has also played an important role in making our results credible.

We are totally neutral and independent where we do not have an intention of marking any product from any manufacturer. We only apply professionalism to produce results which reflect the true nature of the different enhancers that we test.

We tested many of the women sexual enhancers that are available on the market

No. 1 – Spanish Fly Pro

We have done a test on many of the women sexual enhancers that are available on the market. One of these enhancers is Spanish Fly Pro. After testing this enhancer and comparing it with others we came to a conclusion that it is the best women sexual enhancer. We came to this conclusion after we found that it has different properties that can help any woman who might need to use a sexual enhancer. We also found that it is completely safe to be used by almost any woman.

No. 2 – Nymphomax

We also tested Nymphomax where we found that it is not as effective as claimed. We found attributes on this enhancer that prevents it from working as it is described.

No. 3 – FemElle

We also did tests on FemElle which is a woman enhancer pill. The results we got on FemElle showed that it can only work on a small percentage of women. This shows that most of the women who might use it will not get the desired result even after using it as described.

No. 4 – FemVirgo

Another female sexual enhancer that we tested is FemVirgo which we found to have negative side effects on the women who used it. This shows that it is not a good product to use since its disadvantages are more than its advantages.

No. 5 – Enhancement for Her

We also did tests on Enhancement for Her where we found that it is not a suitable female enhancer for it does not produce the desired results.


Therefore, at RANBAXY we professionally tested different women sexual enhancers and we found out that Spanish Fly Pro is the best women sexual enhancer.

About Us

“We are a large pharmaceutic organization of US which contains specialized doctors, experts, and researchers in the field of sexual enhancers (spanish fly) and sexual problems. As we specialize in sex-related problems and enhancer products then we can have a number of experiences in this regard as experts.” – Paul Starker, M. D. & CEO