Review of Spanish Fly Pro


We have reviewed 38 different female libido enhancers or so-called Spanish Fly products, with mixed results but the one that stands head and shoulders above the rest is Spanish Fly Pro.

Quite simply it’s the best rated Spanish Fly – libido enhancement product available on the market today. Not only by the user rating and reviews but also by the lab tests results.

How did we review & test Spanish Fly Pro

There are always 2 things to consider when testing a dietary product:
  1. Lab result
  2. Real user results
We did both here at RANBAXY Lab. All tested bottles of Spanish Fly Pro was purchased anonymously from the Spanish Fly Pro official website.

Lab Results of Spanish Fly Pro

In our lab, we tested the used ingredients, the concentration of the substance, health safety and more. We made 3 lab testings of 3 different bottles of Spanish Fly Pro to assure correct data.

We found that ingredients match the product label in all 3 lab testings. The concentration of each ingredient also matches the data on the label.

Active ingredients found in Spanish Fly Pro by our Lab Testings are as follows:

  • Zinc – 1.5mg
  • Maca – 10mg
  • Tribulus terrestris 40mg
  • Guarana seed – 10mg
  • Caffeine – 5mg
  • Panax ginseng – 10mg
  • Arginine hydrochloride – 120 mg

The data matches the official information on the label.

Spanish Fly Pro – LABEL


Real User Reviews of Spanish Fly Pro

We also provide a bottle of Spanish Fly Pro to 5 testing subjects. Random, regular people suffering from low libido. Men and women. Age 31 to 56. Different races and relationship status.

After a month of using the Spanish Fly Pro, we asked them to share the results. You can read our testers’ reviews below.


Reviewer: Linda D.
Sex: Female
Age: 45

I’m a forty-five year old married regular woman who just had her youngest child to leave home. Now with all this extra privacy on our hands, my husband is constantly trying to spend quality time with me in the bedroom. The sexual desire for me was there, but vaginal dryness thanks to menopause was making me reluctant sometimes. Using cold, goopy lubricant was killing our vibe. There was no reason to not accept your offer to try Spanish Fly Pro. I was surprised at how quickly it worked. I just squirt a few drops in my drink before being intimate and I get moist like I used to in my twenties. I like that its all natural and organic, so I don’t have to be worried about what I’m putting into my body. My husband and I now feel like lovers, not just mom and dad. Spanish Fly Pro has created a better love life for us and made us happier all around. I would highly recommend this product to any lady who has seen unwanted changes in her sex life since going through menopause.


Reviewer: Natasha C.
Sex: Female
Age: 39

Right when we got your package with the Spanish Fly Pro we took a small amount of drops. Exactly as was written in the letter. Within ten minutes, the product had changed my feelings and I made my husband proud of me in bed. I have used it for about a month now and even when am not taking it, my libido is high. Or maybe higher is better word. My husband also tried it, but he says he doesn’t see much difference. I don’t care. It works for me. And I like the fact that my partner comments about how satisfied he is every time we engage into sex unlike in the past where I did not have sexual desires. I rate it positively.


Reviewer: Josh P.
Sex: Male
Age: 43
Hey, I would like to start by telling my story.  Two years ago my now ex-wife left me and ran off with a man with whom she was apparently cheating on me for a couple of years. I was diagnosed with depression and for the next six months, I had to undergo serious therapy which included meeting with my psychiatrist four times a week and daily intakes of prescription drugs. After the therapy ended, I felt like I was finally able to move on with my life. My friends were very supportive at that time and they constantly tried to find a woman for me. Thanks to their immense support, I actually met a really nice girl who was attracted to me as much as I was to her. We started dating and after a couple of dates, we went to my home to take it to the next level. And then it happened, the most humiliating experience of my life… As it turns out, I was suffering from erectile dysfunction caused by depression. I would probably be in depression to this day if that girl didn’t turn out to be a really nice person and quite a supportive one too. Anyways, I used your Spanish Fly Pro, exactly as you said to me. I don’t want to overreact this but… it literally saved my life! We were able to take our relationship to another level thanks to this your Spanish Fly Pro. If it weren’t for Spanish Fly Pro, I would probably still suffer from depression to this day. Instead, I have now a girlfriend I truly love. And she loves me. All you wanted was to try a product? And here, you made a new person instead. So thnak you I guess.


Reviewer: Dora H.
Sex: Female
Age: 56

Wow! Does this stuff work? Oh my god! It does. The Spanish Fly Pro does work like crazy! Its been over 20 years since me and my partner have been together. Now, with the Spanish Fly Pro, we have become like a 20 year old or something again! To be honest, our orgasm is so strong and breathtaking. My husband is taking blue pills and I am taking this Spanish Fly Pro drops … just imagine how we are like now! Thank you once again to the maker of this excellent offer for us… we already got another 3-pack!


Reviewer: Howard L.
Sex: Male
Age: 31

I would definitely buy this product over and over again. So if this was your goal by giving me one for free, you won. Haha. I found out you can get it as low as for $42 per bottle when you buy more at once and it gives value for your money. I initially had unbearable love making sessions with my girlfriend until I got this amazing drop which I laced in her drink after trying other brands which didn’t yield anything. It was magical and I would recommend it to any other couple any day, anytime.


Where to buy Spanish Fly Pro?

It doesn’t matter if it is Spanish Fly Pro or other product, always try to find the official website of the product. Or at least the official reseller.

In this case, you can find the official website of Spanish Fly Pro at

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Newest received reviews of Spanish Fly Pro:

Mark | 21 | Male

I can confirm what your “testing subjects” said. This Spanish Fly Pro is a miracle. You need to do the work, but it will help like nothing else.

Lisa | 24 | Woman
The Spanish Fly Pro truly works for me. Highly recommended!

Darrin | 39 | Male
I love the PRO. The delivery was horrible, like 2 weeks… but discreetly handled. The important things is, that it works, right?

Matthew | 41 | Male
Thanks for showing me this product. I cannot describe how sensational my girlfriend becomes after taking the Spanish Fly Pro drops. After finishing our first, we will be coming back for more.

Charles | 45| Male
JESUS! After dropping just a few drops of the Spanish Fly Pro into my wife’s wine she became as horny as hell!!! We are ordering a lot more of these pretty soon.

Peter | 65 | Male
Spanish Fly Pro product that I cannot regret buying. It made my sexual urges improve at an outstanding style that I now enjoy my marriage.

Paula | 48 | Woman
After carefully reading other reviews I decided to give this a chance, and I was really happy I did. I’ve been using this for the past month or so and the results are amazing.

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Basic Introduction about Spanish Fly Pro

Spanish Fly Pro is a liquid female libido enhancer instead of a product in pills form. This aphrodisiac liquid works as a great libido enhancer of women and men. This product got its name from emerald-green colored Spanish beetle flies. However, it has NOTHING to do with this fly. An acid like substance, known as Cantharidin, secreted by Spanish beetles from their leg joints when disturbed, was used to make the old, original Spanish Fly (NOTE: NOT Spanish Fly PRO). Some time back it was considered that the secretion of Spanish Flies is used to give itchy feel around the sex organs of the animals to compel them to meet their mate to relieve their itching.

Working of Spanish Fly Pro

Many women yearn to have an exciting sex life. They will do everything to overcome the barriers that are preventing them from enjoying sex, whether it is age or health issues. One method of regaining their sex drive is by using sexual enhancers. While there are many sexual enhancers on the market, not all of them are the best. As experts, it is our duty to recommend for you the best products. One of the products that we are recommending is the Spanish Fly Pro. We have deeply analyzed it and here is the review of this aphrodisiac.

Spanish Fly Pro is a natural supplement that is designed to increase the sexual drive in women and help them enjoy sexual intercourse to the fullest. The product is ideal for females who are struggling with low libido issue or the ones who just want to take their sex life to the next level. As a natural sex enhancer, Spanish Fly Pro is mainly made of herbal substances. It also contains some aphrodisiacal ingredients whose sole purpose is to revitalize a woman’s sex drive.

The composition of Spanish Fly Pro

According to the updated information by the manufacturer and our lab results, here are the main ingredients of Spanish Fly Pro. Spanish Fly Pro, a women libido enhancer liquid, is mainly composed of Zinc (as zinc gluconate), Maca root extract, Arginine hydrochloride, Tribulus terrestris fruit extract, Guarana seed extract, Caffeine, and Panax ginseng root extract.

For sure, a combination of these ingredients is expected to deliver magical results.

For whom this product is made and its effectiveness

Spanish Fly Pro is made for the women and men who lose urge for sex. Most women lose their desire for sex after or during their life’s major events including giving birth to a child as well as while breastfeeding the child etc. But the recurrence of loss of libido, again and again, can be a matter of great concern for many women as it can affect the status of their relationship. It can be difficult to keep your partner engaged with you for long time without sex even if he loves you a lot or very loyal to you. If you are one of the women who have lost libido then you should not worry much as even married couples are facing such problems these days.

According to various reports, the marriage of more than 50 million US women is suffering due to their loss of urge for sex. For this reason many companies launch products like Spanish Fly Pro to enhance women libido.

How Spanish Fly Pro Works

Simply put several (5) drops of the Spanish Fly Pro into the drink and wait up to 10 minutes. After that the ingredients starts to work and the user should feel the difference.

Who Should Use the Product

Spanish Fly Pro is designed for any woman and men who are keen on improving her/his sexual life. If you are a young couple and you would like to explore your sexual life to the fullest, this is an ideal sexual enhancer for you. Spanish Fly Pro is also ideal for an elderly lady whose sex drive may be taking a deep due to age and other factors. The enhancer can make her relish sex even at her old age.

Spanish Fly Pro is a powerful sex enhancer for any woman who wants to get the best out of each sex session.

Final Verdict

From our research, we can confidently conclude that Spanish Fly Pro is a safe and effective sex enhancer for women and men. It contains potent ingredients that can increase the libido. It is also an all-natural sex enhancer hence does not have side effects.

About Us

“We are a large pharmaceutic organization of US which contains specialized doctors, experts, and researchers in the field of sexual enhancers (spanish fly) and sexual problems. As we specialize in sex-related problems and enhancer products then we can have a number of experiences in this regard as experts.” – Paul Starker, M. D. & CEO