Review of FemElle: A Woman Enhancer Pill

Being the part of a large pharmaceutic organization of US, which includes specialist experts, researchers and doctors in sexual enhancers and sex-related problems, I also specialize in this field. I had many experiences regarding the use of sexual enhancers and treating sexual problems as an expert in such things. On the basis of my knowledge and experience of many years, I have tried, tested and written neutral reviews of a number of sexual enhancers for the female population.

Today, as the member of the large pharmaceutic organization of the US, I am writing a neutral review of another women sexual enhancer pill, FemElle, on the basis of my own research, experience, and knowledge in this regard.

Introduction with FemElle

FemElle is a female sexual enhancer supplement that can improve sexual pleasure and sex drive in women who have lost their interest in sexual activities due to any reason. Along with improving sex drive this supplement can also provide stronger and more powerful orgasm to the effected women. This supplement is supposed to work with female body with the help of unique mixture of the extracts of various herbs to improve their sexual experience and stimulate arousal. It can also improve the sensitivity of the women to ensure better and long lasting feeling at the time of sexual climaxes. It also includes various vitamins to improve the health of female sexual body parts along with recovering the deficiencies of the body causing problems while enjoying sex.

Composition of FemElle

FemElle is composed of several natural herbal and synthetic ingredients like:

  • Cnidium Monnier: This plant is traditionally used in China as a part of medicines used for increasing sexual arousal not only for women but men also as it can also treat the male problem of erectile dysfunction. We have also noticed during our researches that his herbal product can also be used topically as a remedy for itching. But nothing can be said confidently about its safety level as very less scientific research has been done in this regard.
  • Epimedium: It is another plant that is used in conventional Chinese medical world to improve and enhance sexual drive in men and women.
  • Muira Puama: It is a natural aphrodisiac plant that is used topically as well as orally to boost the libido and treat erectile dysfunction while taking it as it is or in the form of extract.
  • Maca: Originally this Peruvian plant is used in homeopathic medical science for improving hormonal and menstrual health along with increasing energy and treating anemia of women.
  • L-Arginine: It is a chemically usually found in foods of different types. It is also prescribed as a supplement for its capability to increase flow of blood by widening the arteries. It also helps in improving the health of cardiovascular region.
  • GABA: It is the short form of Gamma aminobutyric acid, a chemical naturally produced by human body. It is included in this supplement to improve the mood as well as reduce anxiety.
  • Yohimbe: It is the extract of an African tree, Yohimbe, and is traditionally used in medicines for stimulating sex drive in men as well as women as it can also cure the problem of erectile dysfunction. But some side effects are also attached with this herbal extract like stomach pain, vomiting, cardiac arrest, bloating and kidney failure etc.
  • Supplement of Vitamin E: These pills also contain a Vitamin E supplement to maintain your overall health along with getting rid of free radicals found in your blood.

Whom this product is made for and its effectiveness

FemElle is mainly designed or the women who have lost interest in sexual activities either after menopause or any other reason. The manufacturers of this product suggest women to take two capsules per day one of which should be taken 30 minutes before starting sexual activities. It will make women more inclined for arousal and responsive to sexual drive. Some of its users have found it effective other than sexual enhancement whereas some others refuse to accept its effectiveness in other areas. According to the people with positive reviews this supplement can also increase the intensity and frequency of the orgasm along with lubricating the vagina. In this way, on the basis of personal experiences of the users of this supplement it can be concluded that it can be considered as an effective female enhancer as it increases the sexual sensitivity of the women even though it may or may not increase the lubrication in vagina and orgasm.

But after our research in our large pharmaceutic organization we have found that FemElle also has certain side effects like dizziness, nausea, kidney failure, high blood pressure, anxiety attacks, seizures, insomnia, hallucinations and paralysis etc. The extract of the bark of African tree Yohimbe is also used in this supplement to cure women with low libido but due to its side effects FDA has warned people for using this supplement for medicinal purposes. Though taking Yohimbe can be safe up to 40mg per day only but its quantity in FemElle is not specified on its label, which makes it suspicious as it can cause side effects if taken more them prescribed dose.

Safety concerns in certain conditions

Due to some of its ingredients like Yohimbe extract etc. the consumption of FemElle may not be safe in certain conditions like:

  • Nursing and pregnant women
  • Women with problems of blood pressure, liver and kidney
  • Elderly women in combination with nasal decongestants and antidepressants

Even though the manufacturers of FemElle have recommended very moderate dose of this supplement, two pills per day, still one should nor start using it without consulting her doctor.

Final verdict

After writing this neutral review of FemElle, a women sexualenhancer, on the basis of the researches done in the US pharmaceutic organization, I do not recommend to take this supplement if you are sensitive to some of its ingredients. Moreover it is not recommended for all women as it is not suitable for pregnant women, nursing moms and elderly women. So, before using this supplement for improving your sexual desire and arousal it is recommended that you should talk to your health care provider.

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