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Most female sexual issues go undiscussed. We suffer in silence. In the last two decades, the sexual enhancers industry has grown to be a multi-million-dollar sector. Sadly, a few a few unscrupulous businessmen have capitalized on this lack-of-knowledge to falsely advertise ineffective products. Today, we’re looking at FemVigor. This female enhancer has been trending on the internet – and for all the wrong things. I’m currently working as a consultant on one of these big USA based pharmaceuticals. Based on my medical expertise, I believe that this product is a sham. Here’s why

Retailed as FemVigor, the manufacturer advertises this product as a female enhancer. There are claims that it helps alleviate sexual cravings. How true is this? After making numerous sales, most buyers confessed that it wasn’t as effective as that thought it would be. One buyer even told as that it doesn’t lubricate the female sexual organs ad advertised. Looking back, these claims are p0lausible. We must scrutinize the and see whether this product is effective.


What are the active ingredients behind this supplement? According to the official documentation, the manufacturer claims that it’s powered by six compounds. However, they’ve given a disclaimer that those statements aren’t approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This is a regulatory body that ensures that the supplements are marketed as what they are and that they are fit for human consumption.

Pyridoxine HCL

This is often referred to as Vitamin B6. FemVigor manufacturers claim that it helps create sexual tension. Up to date, there are no studies proving that this ingredient helps treat female sexual dysfunctions. In Medicine class, we often discuss how this Vitamin helps lower cardiovascular disease risk. However, not even once have I ever come across a study proving that it’s an effective aphrodisiac.


This compound has gained popularity due to its increased usage in bodybuilding supplements. There is no paper published on how it impacts female sexual drive through a few clinical trials have shown promising results. This chemical boosts the body’s DHEA producing mechanism. This hormone is responsible for sexual arousal especially in older women (50 years and above). In my opinion, the team behind this product were better of replacing L-Arginine with Maca powder as it’s a proven aphrodisiac

An Asparagus extract

This is one of the best sexual enhancing foods. Just like avocados and brown chocolate, this Vitamin B rich vegetable is known to supercharge female sexual drive. When cooked fresh, it contains Histamine that boosts the body’s libido to both men and women. This supplement also contains pyrethrum and cordifolia extracts though in lesser proportions.

How to use FemVigor

Unlike men’s Viagra, this isn’t a one-time use capsule. It’s a dietary supplement instead. Each bottle contains 50 pills and you should take one daily. Preferably after meals or before sexual activity. The company claims that this supplement works slowly as its powered by a herbal solution. However, from my medical experience, I can tell that it won’t work at all.

Our experience

Does it work? Short answer: No.

Women respond differently to sexual enhancers. This is attributed to biological processes. Female sexual desire is complex. Numerous factors come into place. There’s diet, there’s age and there are reproductive hormones. Different body parts play distinct roles. For instance, the brain signals that it’s time to release reproductive hormones. Keeping everything constant, it’s impossible for a single dietary pill to boost female libido. There is no simple sexual desire switch to be flicked.

Nonetheless, one woman confessed that she experienced mild sexual desire after using this supplement. She went ahead to disclose that she had used it while on a sexual vacation. From my expertise, I can tell that it’s impossible to attribute this sexual excitement to FemVigor. Chances are, she was in a relaxed state of mind considering that she was on a vacation. Again, gynaecologists advice that sexual desire is mental and not necessarily physical

Side effects

This female enhancement pill isn’t worth the risk. It hosts serious potential side effects. Sadly, the manufacturer has chosen to withhold this crucial information in the hope of making a few bucks. They’re preying on desperate and uninformed women. This is rather unethical.

According to my knowledge, some of the ingredients in this product make the user dizzy and nauseatic. Can you be sexually excited and nauseatic at the same time? I doubt.

Again, most women are complaining that it makes them fatigued. They gain mild excitement during sex but it leaves them fatigued. Is this really worth it? In a report published online, the typical middle-aged woman engages in sexual events three times each month. FemVigor has troubling side effects and it’s not definitely worth the risk.

Why you shouldn’t use this enhancer

In conclusion, making this purchase will be a waste of your hard-earned money. This isn’t a new product to the market. Honestly speaking, I was expecting to find many positive reviews. Before making the purchase, do your own due diligence and you will see that this isn’t the right supplement.

Femvigor contains a few good ingredients vital to restoring female sexual desire. However, the manufacturer hasn’t provided a detailed description of what role each ingredient plays. Additionally, they would have given proof – in terms of clinical tests – as to why this product is top rated. Most consumers feel that this product is a scam considering that it wasn’t as effective as they thought it would.


Again, this product falls on the wider side of the sales spectrum. Keeping in mind that there are other cheaper and more effective female libido enhancers, it’s not worth the money. Again, this isn’t a onetime pill. You’re required to take a daily pill for at least two months to see substantial results. Doing the math, we can all see that it’s an overpriced brand.

Women struggle with various feminine issues – odour, dryness and abnormal discharges – just to name a few. The society perceives that these are “embarrassing” issues and they often go unreported. I think FemVigor capitalizes on this. The right libido enhancer should be backed by clinical trials. I wouldn’t recommend this supplement as it delivers mild to no results.

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