Everything You Need to Know About Aphrodisiacs

This article is a comprehensive take on aphrodisiacs. It covers all vital aspects of this controversial topic with the goal of providing clarity to and enlightening our readers. It will highlight the good and the bad so as to give you an unbiased opinion, which will hopefully be of assistance.

What is an aphrodisiac?

Also commonly referred to as a love drug, an aphrodisiac is basically any substance that significantly increases a person’s libido. Aphrodisiacs should not be confused with fertility enhancing substances, as their aim is to make sex more attainable and enjoyable rather than help couples conceive.

What is the origin of aphrodisiacs?

Love drugs have been in existence for as long as recorded history, including myths, folklore, legends, superstitions and even older scientific journals. Here are a few popular mentions:

  1. Aphrodite, widely considered the goddess of sexual pleasure and love, was born of the sea. This has led many around the world to believe that sea urchins and other varieties of seafood from the Greek Mediterranean islands contain a magical form of love drug.
  2. Many consider Casanova to be the ultimate master of seduction. It is said that he often seduced virgins with raw oysters; thus people around the world don’t mind shelling out a small fortune to obtain the best quality raw oysters.[1]
  3. Ancient Aztec Montezuma was a widely feared conqueror in his time. He is believed to have consumed over 50 cups of chocolate before visiting one of his many wives. He might be reason why Valentine’s Day is always associated with chocolate.[2]


What do aphrodisiacs taste like?

In ancient times, most love drugs were prepared using bitter herbs and spices. It can be assumed that they tasted horrible and were for people who were desperate to keep the flame burning in their love life.  However, this has changed in more recent times, as sweeter love drugs – such as chocolate – have become more popular. Today you can find a variety of love drugs with varying tastes. As a matter of fact, the choices are endless and it will take you a lifetime to taste all of them.


Do aphrodisiacs work?                                                                                                       Most ancient love drugs were based more on superstition and myth than on logic and scientific testing. We can only speculate that they were expected to invoke some sort of placebo effect where the consumer of the love drug believed that they had taken something special. This is a theory that works for aphrodisiacs such as flowers, which are handed out to create a sense of romance rather than actually having a physical impact on your body.[3]

The FDA has tested and approved a few brands for use as real love drugs. They are based on proper scientific research and the results are widely reported in the medical field. Some love drugs are even used as medicine for individuals whose bodies can’t naturally produce the chemicals needed to enhance their libido when it’s time to have sex.[4]        

Are there any illegal love drugs in the United States?

Yes. The FDA has provided a detailed list of concoctions that are more harmful to users than they are love drugs. These are substances that prepared by illegal companies using untested chemicals in labs that haven’t been approved for production.

How do I find legitimate love drugs?

Thanks to the power of the Internet you can now carry out proper due diligence on all these aphrodisiacs from the comfort of your home. Here is a checklist to help you out:

  1. Consult a professional
    Having a low libido isn’t something to be ashamed of. A licensed and qualified medical practitioner can easily test your libido and advise you accordingly. They have the right expertise and equipment to understand how an aphrodisiac will work on your body, thereby ensuring that your dose is sufficient to improve your sex life.
  2. Don’t buy drugs from a shady source Friends who sell stolen medicine from the trunk of their car or local neighborhood drug dealers aren’t the best source of love drugs. Neither is some shady website on the web that offers same day shipping. Don’t take unnecessary risks – it will be very costly in the long term.
  3. Love drugs are pricey
    Cheap aphrodisiacs being sold on sketchy websites will definitely have nearly no effect on your body. The real manufacturer is probably a college student in Turkey who mixes aspirin with fillers and tricks desperate people into giving him free money. Real love drugs are expensive due to quality control issues, patents, research and a bunch of other factors that a real pharmaceutical firm has to pay for.
  4. The big brands are well known
    The big brands are very popular and it will only take you five minutes on social media to find them. They have extensive reviews online and can easily be purchased from ordinary pharmacies. The era of visiting a witch in the magic forest is long gone; love drugs are well known and very many of your friends are probably using them.
  5. Reputable retailers have liability
    Reputable retailers take responsibility in ensuring that they don’t sell shady medicine. Make sure you don’t waste your hard-earned cash on love drugs from a random website in China.

Are aphrodisiacs dangerous?

Illegally manufactured love drugs will eventually start to affect your body. This is because the right people, using the right tools and ingredients, don’t prepare them. Legal aphrodisiacs will not harm you.

These are some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to love drugs. This information is based on properly done research and is not a marketing ploy to sell you some secret magical potion for $99. It is information that will help you understand the basics of aphrodisiacs.

There is also a solution to buy and use nature sources of aphrodisiacs, in the form of food, which is widely available.

Read further.

Aphrodisiac Foods That Boost Your Libido.

We live in a world dominated by shortcuts. Everyone needs a quicker and easier method of fulfilling needs, duties and obligations. Love isn’t an exception. In fact, it is the hotspot! Read on…I bet it won’t be the first time you read about erectile dysfunction, will it?

There’s evidence everywhere: in books, online, and so on… Okay, stories around love are just too many to tell. Love itself is a very big industry. But, for today, I’d like to focus on erectile dysfunction. As one of the professionals in this field, I’d love to share with you something about aphrodisiacs ~ a substance that increases your libido when consumed. Are you ready for this moment? Then here we go, pals…

Since the beginning of time, men and women from all over the globe have sought aphrodisiacs to improving their sexual desire and/or response. That’s not new. However, the story still varies from region to region. I mean, it’s not true that an aphrodisiac in the U.K. is has the same effect as one in Africa! For example, Zimbabweans believe that baboon urine can increase sexual desire, while the Europeans once trusted in potatoes simply due to the fact that they were a rare food. Besides, many scientific studies don’t see evidence of the power of improving one’s sexual drive in these substances. It’s quite awkward, I know, but you have to bear with the truth, I’m sorry – I didn’t make the rules. However, I, as an aphrodisiac professional, know that so many of these substances actually work, and you need to understand how these substances work, too.[5]

How Do They Work?

Most of them fastens your heart rate besides increasing your blood pressure to enhance blood flow on your body. By this, you feel more invigorated, and consequently feel a positive sex drive.  Some of these substances are loaded with minerals and vitamins alongside other important elements that have also been established to give you more sexual strength.

Aphrodisiacs, especially those in spice form, have a unique relaxing effect that is highly linked to improving your sex life.

Some of these aphrodisiacs also have an influence on the levels of your hormones, most associated with your sex life. When the body is exposed to these substances over a period of time, there are heavy chances that an individual’s sexual drive will increase.

However, let’s get straight into the list.

1. Oysters

One of the most popular aphrodisiacs is the oyster. Theories behind its effectiveness are a myriad, but the fact that oysters are loaded with zinc is what this effect is attributed to. Zinc is a mineral that naturally boosts testosterone ~ a sex hormone in men. The benefits do not end there. I always fall for the fact that oysters are packed with omega-3 fatty acids.


2. Maca

Maca root originally grew in the Andes mountains and was consumed by local shepherds. Today, Maca is widely recognized as a food of the god that blesses individuals with renewed sexual desire and fertility. The fleshy root can be prepared by grinding it into a fine paste and adding it to smoothies, oatmeal, etc. Studies have found that Maca offers the same benefits as ginseng, including increased energy, stamina, strength and sex drive. Maca is also used to restore hormonal imbalances in women.[6]

3. Honey

It’s gooey, sweet and great with tea and pancakes. Honey is one of the best natural sweeteners and it gives you a boost in the sexual wellness department, to boot. In olden times, couples would often drink mead, a honey-based concoction, every day until their night of consummation. Under the microscope, honey contains a healthy amount of boron, a compound that helps improve testosterone and estrogen levels, and nitric oxide, a well-known proponent that sends extra blood to your sex organs. 

4. Coffee

Who knew that something that could wake you in the morning can also wake your libido? Coffee as a stimulant can raise the heart rate, increase blood flow and give your body a shot of pleasure-enhancing dopamine. Research has found that female rats were more receptive to sexual activities after they were dosed with coffee. Moreover, the act of drinking a hot cup of coffee with someone is sensual and relaxing at the same time.[7]

5. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is perfect for those cold winter nights when you’re cozying up at home with a special someone. The aroma alone can put you in a calm, relaxed state, but cinnamon’s greatest strength lies in its ability to keep you alert and in a good mood. Whether as a beverage or as an addition to a sweet dessert, cinnamon is the perfect food to cap off a romantic evening. It’s also rich in antioxidants, has antiviral properties and lowers blood pressure.

6. Chocolate

Chocolate is a classic staple when it comes to aphrodisiacs. In ancient times, Aztecs mainly ate cocoa for added performance in the bedroom, with their emperor Montezuma being the most notorious figure to practice this. The reason why most first dates and anniversaries come with a box of chocolates? Scientists have found that chocolate contains an abundance of sexual stimulants; namely, Phenylethylamine, a compound that’s similar to amphetamine and Tryptophan, a precursor to the feel-good hormone serotonin. Both chemicals are present and in huge amounts when you’re in love.[8]

7. Chili Pepper

Chili peppers are definite aphrodisiacs if you count spiciness in the mix. They’re notorious for quickly setting your mouth on fire, thanks to a chemical called capsaicin. The more capsaicin a pepper has, the higher it goes on the Scoville Scale. Plus, capsaicin is known to raise sex drive and increase production of the testosterone hormone. When you eat food laden with chili, your body naturally releases endorphins and experiences an elevated body temperature, which can translate to a steamy encounter in the bedroom!

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