Enhancement for Her: Is It Really Helpful & Safe For Women?

The life is quite busy and hectic for the modern women. Their career and family go hand in hand. Whereas they work at the office in day time, they also have to look after their family in the evening. All these work pressure and household chores make them exhausted and tired. Naturally, when it comes to satisfying their partner, they often fail. This can be because of too much stress, lack of nutrients or lack of rest. Thus, the female enhancers are getting more and more popular these day to increase the sexual desire of women. One such enhancer is the Enhancement for Her.

It is getting quite popular in the market because all the claims it makes. But is it really that safe? Does it do everything that it claims? Being a Biochemist and specialist in supplement and drugs, I have researched thoroughly about this product. Read on to know the detailed information about this product.

About This Product

Enhancement for Her is a sex pill for the women that can help the women to enhance their sexual desire or libido to a great extent. Besides this, it also claims to help women by improving their mood and desire. It also contains some ingredients that are supposed to be 100% natural and safe. It can also increase the sexual pleasure. It can improve the libido as well as feelings of intimacy in women. Thus, it turns out be a pill that can enhance your sex drive so that you can satisfy your partner on bed even if you are tired, exhausted or stressed. This can give you a boost in your energy level increasing the secretion of sex hormone.


We tested a sample of this pill to know more about the ingredients in its composition. The primary active ingredients that are used in this pharmaceutic libido pill are – L-arginine HCL, Yohimbe extract, Damiana extract, Muira Puama extract and Licorice Extract. Besides all these, there are many more other ingredients in the composition of this pill. These are:

Tribulus extractAswagandha extractEpimedium extractAvena Sativa extractGinko extract

To increase the sensitivity and sensuality, this pill also contains long pepper extract, DHEA and Clary Sage extract. Though all these ingredients are achieved from natural resources, they can help to boost the sex drive temporarily in women. These ingredients are often found in traditional Asian medicines that are used for ages. These ingredients can increase the level of testosterone in the women which can effectively enhance the libido.

Who Can Use it?

This enhancer is meant for the ladies who want to increase their libido and sex drive on bed. Being in this profession for a very long time, I have seen many women are worried about their sex life. The problem is almost the same. Either they are too tired and exhausted or they do not feel like. This problem is common as the modern lifestyle is quite hectic. Several hours of work along with lots of stress and pressure can lead to fatigue. Things do not end here as they have to come back home and do the essential household chores. After all these, women hardly get time to look after their health. Even due to lack of balanced diet, it can lead to hormonal dis-balance that leads to reduced libido. The sex hormone that is the reason behind the libido doesn’t work anymore. Hence, this product can be used by the ladies to balance the hormones by secretion of more sex hormones. It also results in boosting the energy level in women.

What Are The Benefits?

After a lot of studies and researches, we have found some benefits of the Enhancement for Her. These benefits are because of the ingredients that go into the pill. Some of the benefits are:

L-arginine helps in enhancing the blood flow as it is a natural nitric oxide booster. It can increase the flow of blood throughout your body, including clitoris and vagina.This pill helps to intensify the pressure near the genitals so that you can enjoy a powerful orgasm. This pill can also increase the libido to a great extent which can help you to satisfy your partners, undoubtedly.It also provides a boost in your energy level which is quite significant. Thus, women don’t feel the exhaustion and tiredness.

Some Positive and Neutral Effects

The effects of these pills are temporary in nature. You will face a temporary change in your hormonal level where the testosterone is boosted to a high level. This can help in increasing your libido. It also provides a great source of energy to your body so you do not feel exhausted and tired. This sexual enhancer works perfect for increasing your libido. But it comes with several adverse effects too.

The Side Effects

All the good effects of this pill are temporary but in that process, this pill has a lot of negative impact. These negative effects can be permanent and these are caused due to the ingredients present in the pill. After testing and experimenting, we have found some serious side effects like:

Increased or abnormal growth of unwanted hair in women. This is caused due to the high level of testosterone. Even it can lead to deepening of your voice.Yohimbe extract is responsible for increasing the chance of high blood pressure. It can also result in rapid heartbeat and difficulty in breathing. You will notice more exhaustion and tiredness due to this pill.

Why Shouldn’t You Buy This?

Of course, with all these side effects, you should never buy this enhancer for you. It can result into abnormal growth of body hair. The testosterone is mainly present in large quantity in men. Thus, it causes hair growth and deepening of the voice. If testosterone level is increased in your body, then it can lead to facial hair growth too.

Our Experience With This Product

Talking about our  experience, we have tested this product for a short time and noticed unnatural hair growth. Even many patients who have been using this pill said that they feel very much drained and exhausted next day. It does provide them with energy but it lasts for an hour or so. So, we definitely do not recommend Enhancement for Her to increase your sexual drive. It is not safe to be used regularly. It has many dangerous and major side effects that can cause health hazards in the long run.

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